Grand Orange Lodge of Ontario :: Grand Lodge Officers

"Honour all men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God, Honour the King."   1 Peter 2:17

"We trust in the LORD our God."   2 Kings 18:22

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart"   Proverbs 3:5

Civil and Religious Liberty for all, special privileges for none.

Grand Lodge Officers

Lodge Officers of 2019 - 2020

Grand Master Brother Mark Aiken
Immediate Past Grand Master Brother Jasom Duncan
Deputy Grand Master Brother Ian Gillespie
Junior Deputy Grand Master Brother Gerry Morgan
Grand Chaplain Brother Angus MacLennan
Grand Secretary Brother Michael Thomas
Deputy Grand Secretary Brother Paul Stewart
Grand Treasurer Brother Donald Guy
Deputy Grand Treasurer Brother Thomas Forster
Grand Lecturer Brother John Thomas
Grand Marshal Brother Stephen Nabney
Deputy Grand Lecturer Brother Mark Wilson


Right Worshipful Past Grand Masters

YearGrand MasterCity
1860 T.H. Buckley St. Catherines
1861 T.H. Buckley Barrie
1862 F.H. Medcalfe Guelph
1863 F.H. Medcalfe Brampton
1864 F.H. Medcalfe Toronto
1865 T.M. Daly Brantford
1866 T.M. Daly Owen Sound
1867 John Coyne Elora
1868 John Coyne Brampton
1869 John Coyne Stratford
1870 Dalton McCarthy Newmarket
1871 Dalton McCarthy London
1872 Dalton McCarthy St. Catherines
1873 D'Arcy Boulton Orangeville
1874 D'Arcy Boulton Toronto
1875 D'Arcy Boulton Clinton
1876 W.J. Parkhill Hamilton
1877 W.J. Parkhill Orillia
1878 W.J. Parkhill Oshawa
1879 W.J. Parkhill Guelph
1880 W.J. Parkhill Walkerton
1881 Major James Bennett Toronto
1882 Major James Bennett Strathroy
1883 Major James Bennett Sarnia
1884 Major James Bennett Alliston
1885 Major H.A.L. White Wingham
1886 Major H.A.L. White Brampton
1887 Major H.A.L. White Toronto
1888 W.W. Fitzgerald Toronto
1889 W.W. Fitzgerald Hamilton
1890 W.W. Fitzgerald Brampton
1891 W. Nicholson St. Thomas
1892 W. Nicholson Owen Sound
1893 W. Nicholson Orangeville
1894 J.L. Huges Chatham
1895 J.L. Huges St. Catherines
1896 J.L. Huges London
1897 W.M. Lockhart Woodstock
1898 W.M. Lockhart Palmerton
1899 D.M. Jermyn Barrie
1900 D.M. Jermyn Bracebridge
1901 D.M. Jermyn Stratford
1902 John McMillan Petrolia
1903 John McMillan Wingham
1904 John McMillan Brantford
1905 J.H. Scott Midland
1906 J.H. Scott Goderich
1907 J.H. Scott Orangeville
1908 E.T. Essary Mount Forest
1909 E.T. Essary St. Thomas
1910 E.T. Essary St. Catherines
1911 Harry Lovelock Barrie
1912 Harry Lovelock London
1913 Frederick Dane Windsor
1914 Frederick Dane Guelph
1915 Dr. J.J. Williams North Bay
1916 Dr. J.J. Williams Hamilton
1917 H.C. Hocken Stratford
1918 H.C. Hocken Chatham
1919 Major J.I. Hartt Woodstock
1920 Major J.I. Hartt Orillia
1921 Major D.L. Sharpe Niagara Falls
1922 Major D.L. Sharpe Sarnia
1923 A.A. Gray Owen Sound
1924 A.A. Gray Brantford
1925 John Bailey North Bay
1926 Rev. W.L.L. Lawrence London
1927 Rev. W.L.L. Lawrence Guelph
1928 J.J. Hunter Barrie
1929 J.J. Hunter Windsor
1930 Leslie H. Saunders Brantford
1931 Leslie H. Saunders North Bay
1932 C.M. Carrie London
1933 C.M. Carrie Stratford
1934 W.H. Dawson Chatham
1935 W.H. Dawson St. Catherines
1936 George McCombe  Midland
1937 George McCombe  Owen Sound
1938  William J Miller  Guelph 
1939 William J Miller Niagara Falls
1940 C.W. Armstrong Kitchener
1941 C.W. Armstrong St Thomas
YearGrand MasterCity
1942 Joseph W. Carson Toronto
1943 Joseph W. Carson London
1944 Fred C. Cook Hamilton
1945 Fred C. Cook Orillia
1946 A.H. Birmingham St. Catherines
1947 A.H. Birmingham North Bay
1948 Thomas Murphy Chatham
1949 Thomas Murphy Niagara Falls
1950 W. John Moore St. Thomas
1951 W. John Moore Owen Sound
1952 Elias L. Grey Sudbury
1953 Elias L. Grey London
1954 Gordon Keyes Niagara Falls
1955 Gordon Keyes Orillia
1956 Carl W. Smith Stratford
1957 Carl W. Smith Oshawa
1958 Rev. David R. Rowland Sarnia
1959 Rev. David R. Rowland Hamilton
1960 Wm. W. Tatford St. Catherines
1961 Wm. W. Tatford Windsor
1962 J. Elmer Wood Port Arthur
1963 J. Elmer Wood Orillia
1964 Rev. J.V. Mills Sault Ste Marie
1965 Rev. J.V. Mills Brampton
1966 Sam Miller Niagara Falls
1967 Dominic DiStasi Collingwood
1968 Dominic DiStasi London
1969 Dominic DiStasi Parry Sound
1970 David J. Worden Toronto
1971 David J. Worden Guelph
1972 Gordon McCracken Hamilton
1973 Gordon McCracken Barrie
1974 E.G. Ashick Goderich
1975 E.G. Ashick Sudbury
1976 James D. Bell Oshawa
1977 James D. Bell St. Catherines
1978 Joseph Todd North Bay
1979 Joseph Todd Burlington
1980 Rev. Wm. Milligan Parry Sound
1981 Rev. Wm. Milligan Cambridge
1982 Ted Elmer Barrie
1983 Ted Elmer Bracebridge
1984 Ken Barnett Owensound
1985 Ken Barnett Aurora
1986 Gordon Read London
1987 Gordon Read Niagara Falls
1988 George Cave North Bay
1989 George Cave Kitchener
1990 Alex Rough Midland
1991 Alex Rough Sault Ste Marie
1992 Reg. Moore Markham
1993 Reg. Moore Niagara Falls
1994 Dave Dailey Alliston
1995 Dave Dailey London
1996 John Chalmers North Bay
1997 John Chalmers Alliston
1998 Gerry Darroch Burlington
1999 Gerry Darroch Kitchener
2000 Stan Gilpin Collingwood
2001 Stan Gilpin North Bay
2002 John Cotterall Stratford
2003 John Cotterall Burlington
2004 John Wells Stratford
2005 John Wells Barrie
2006 Alex Colvin Markham
2007 Alex Colvin Stratford
2008 Thomas H.Gunnis Brampton
2009 Thomas H.Gunnis Kitchener
2010 Dennis Glazier Markham
2011 Dennis Glazier Niagara Falls
2012 Donald Guy Guelph
2013 Donald Guy Orillia
2014 Keith Wright Burlington
2015 Keith Wright Niagara Falls
2016 Keith Wright Oshawa
2017 Jason Duncan Orillia
2018 Jason Duncan Guelph
2019 Mark Aiken Collingwood
2020 Mark Aiken Hamilton (ppd)
2021 Mark Aiken Zoom